Simple way to import external Jars to Android Studio Project

    Hello every one,
In this tip, I present the way to import a jar library to Android Project in Android Studio 1.1.0.
To import an external .jar file in your Android Studio Project, just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Move from Android view to Projects view.

Step 2: Now under app folder you should see libs, if you don't see it, create it.

Step 3: Drag & Drop the .jar file here, you may be get a prompt "This file does not belong to the project", just click OK.

Step 4: Now you should see the jar file under libs folder, right click on the jar file and select "Add as library", Click OK for prompt "Create Library".

Step 5: Thats all!! Now this jar has been added. Android Studio will auto-sync gradle for you.
Some screen shots for details:


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